Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yellowstone: September, 2012 Chapter 2.5

Day 2: Friday, Sept 28th. 5:30 PM. This evening was especially uneventful, aside from a couple far off howls, probably emanating from either the Lamar Valley Pack or perhaps the Agate Pack. These howls were punctuated intermittently by the screams of bull elk who tried in vain to keep track of their harems. Our successful viewing of the 7 adults of the Lamar pack earlier in the day had satiated us enough to be content with an especially serene evening in the upper Lamar Valley, which as usual, was teeming with bison and pronghorn. As the sun began to set, we listened for a while to Rick McIntyre speak more on his observations and various theories on predator behavior. This gave us a chance to mingle with a number of wolf/wildlife enthusiasts from around the world, including a young woman currently living in Kenya, where she studies the relationships between native peoples and their conflict with predators such as lions and cheetahs. We drove home with the view of a nearly full moon filling our windshield.

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